Friday, February 10, 2006

My mistake.

I originally wrote this post on the 31st but was unable to put it up due to our wonderful upgrade/downgrade experience.

Let me start this post by giving you the following warning...

WARNING: This post contains references to PMS, Midol, laxatives and mild stupidity. Proceed at your own risk.

Ok, so the night before last? I was not feeling so great. I wasn't "sick". I was PMS'ing. I was crampy and very cranky (shocker.) I decided that for the good of all mankind I should medicate myself and proceeded to the cabinet in the kitchen where all of our various medicines are stored. This cabinet is high up so that our monkey children cannot reach it even with the footstool. It is so high that I myself cannot reach it unless I use the footstool. Seeing as how this was an emergency and I was ready to kill someone or purchase and eat an entire bag of Hershey Kisses, I decided to forgo the footstool since the shelve with the medicine is in a pull-out basket shelf that you can see through. I was thrilled to see the blue and white Midol box poking out from the back of the cabinet. I don't take medicine very often so most of the adult medications are in the back behind the Children's Tylenol, Children's Ibuprofen and "Incredibles" Band-Aids. Anyway, I spotted the box, quickly decided I felt crappy enough to take three pills instead of the regular two and proceeded to pop the little blue pills into my mouth with some water. I went back to the couch and watched an hour of snarky fun on VH-1 to lift my spirits.

An hour or so later, I noticed that my cramps were still rather crampy. I was wondering if I could alternate the Midol with Ibuprofen (like they have us do with with Tylenol/Ibuprofen with the kids every three hours when they have high fevers). I wandered back into the kitchen and opened up the cabinet. I couldn't find the Ibuprofen right away (Rusty is allergic and I end up hiding it so he doesn't accidentally take it when reaching for the Tylenol.) This time I ended up having to use the footstool. Anyway, I brought the footstool into the kitchen and pulled out the basket with the medicine. As I reached for the Midol box to check out the warning and usage stuff I wondered how it had gotten to the back of the shelf again when I had put it back up front an hour earlier (when I was medicating without the footstool, remember.) And then? I saw it. The blue and white laxative box. Front and center. I dropped a few choice words as I reached into the box, pulling out the packaged blue tablets and realizing what I had done.
Notice the boxes are both blue and swirly.
And the pills are almost identical!

Think cramps are bad? They're so much more fun when you realize you've laxatized yourself and all you can do is wait for them to take full effect. Good times. I spent the next half hour alternating between laughing and being very annoyed with myself. Oh... and I had to tell Rusty because we share a house and it's only fair, you know? (it's times like this that I really wish I was single.)

Anyway, moral of the story? If you're short? Use the footstool. That's what you bought it for, you fool. And? Just because a pill is blue does not make it Midol. And? Next time? Just buy yourself some chocolate because it's way easier.

Still here.

No, we didn't succumb to the flu, get lost, fall off the face of the earth or decide to ditch it all and head to Barbados to live a tropical life of sunshine and palm trees (oh man... why didn't we do that last one?) I tried to update the blog a few times but noooooooo. The computer had other ideas. Actually, the browser had other ideas.

Consider this my public service announcement for the week: DO NOT upgrade to Netscape 8.1 unless you totally know what you're doing. We use Explorer and Netscape interchangeably. When the newest upgrade came out, I downloaded it and installed it just like normal. But all of a sudden, any site that required a password, log-in or cookie? Was not accessible. Talk about a pain in the booty! Everything from the blog to my normal email settings to our bank account and utilities weren't able to load right. Some things wouldn't load at all. Some would load but not let you use any customized pages (for instance, the BGE site would load but once you entered your log-in info the next page would just freak out and crash everything.) Another thing? Even though the update was Netscape? Explorer stopped working too. Every page acted the same in both browsers. Woo HOO! Love technology. Love it.

We never actually "figured out the problem" but we were able to blindly fix it. The solution? Totally uninstalling the upgrade and re-installing the older version we originally had. Of course, had to do this twice. The first time, just installed it normally (which didn't work.) After uninstalling again? Re-installed the older version again but this time told it to start from scratch and not keep any of the old settings. Worked great except for one tiny thing. All of my stored passwords, settings, etc are gone. I can't even remember where I had passwords, let alone what those passwords are.

And, to top off my week of technology bitch-slapping me? I left my card in a random ATM. At one of the ATM's owned by a bank that doesn't contact you. They just destroy it. Yay! I usually only use a few ATM's - Target and our 7-11 up at the corner. Both of those places have the ATM's where you swipe the card instead of inserting it. I never use the ATM at the grocery store where I ended up forgetting to take it out of the machine (I didn't even know the name of the bank in that particular store.)

So I now have a new card, but no PIN yet. And? It was my ATM/Debit card which is tied to our auto pay for utilities, Market Day, cell phone account and who knows what else. So I have to figure that out and get the new card number to everyone (if the bank said the card was destroyed, why couldn't our credit union just give me a card with the same number?!)

(don't answer that last question with some logical answer that will annoy me because the question was purely rhetorical and typed out of utter frustration with our technologically advanced lives)

In conclusion, it's been an annoying but overall everything's back to normal and ok again. Life goes on.

Anyway, I have another post coming shortly. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it because it involved even more stupidity on my part. With pictures and everything! And as of this afternoon we have a severe weather alert for either an inch of snow or ten inches (depends on who you listen to and when.) So there may a whole lot more blogging going on this weekend.

P.S. I'm thinking it's odd that the spellcheck considers "Blog" and "Blogging" to be non-existent words. Just a random thought.
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