Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Have you heard?

Ok, how freakin' awesome are the American swimmers?!  How amazing are the Chinese syncronized divers?  And the 33 year-old Russian gymnast whose son got cancer and after receiving the highest level of medical care and support from Germany became a German citizen and seriously rocked a vault as a now German gymnast?! (yes... she's 33.  Craziness.)  Dude, the swimming cube is so cool and the fact that the cyclists are competing along parts of the Great Wall... just so beautiful.  

I'd like to say my interest in the Olympics is purely in the name of world peace and the idea that we can all get along for a few weeks.  But that's not entirely true (though that aspect still thrills me.)  No... I'm sure I solidified my identity as an Olympics freak when Rusty and I stood up screaming as we cheered on the Americans when they swam from behind to beat the French literally in the last couple of feet of the men's 400 relay in the pool Monday night.  Dude.  That was fun.

Also, loving that Bob Costas is such an enthusiastic Olympics dork.  And Rowdy Gaines talking about the "wing span" of the various American swimmers.  And looking over at Liam and Sean during one of Michael Phelps' medal ceremonies when the national anthem was played to find them both standing up (separately, in different parts of the room) with their hands over their hearts.  And I love hearing them get excited about when an athlete does something amazing - regardless of their home country.  

So only a few days into the Olympics and I'll whole-heartedly admit we're huge Olympics freaks in our house.  

Now we have to go down and start watching tonight's broadcast on DVR before someone tells me what happened...
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