Thursday, November 30, 2006

Good job.

Hint that you may have found the right church: Hearing your husband call your pastor "Dude" while they talk on the phone.

Journey Church While "Pastor Tom" brings to mind an image of a 60 year-old guy in a tie? "Pastor Tom" is actually only a year older than Rusty and I. He occassionally wears flip flops. With socks. But still... I think they were Adidas so he gets style points.

And there's a good chance he may read this at some point.

(Hi, Pastor Tom.)

Monday, November 20, 2006


I will take my husband and move our family to Canada.

Rangel, a veteran of the Korean War who has unsuccessfully sponsored legislation on conscription in the past, said he will propose a measure early next year.

In 2003, he proposed a draft covering people age 18 to 26. This year, he offered a plan to mandate military service for men and women between age 18 and 42.

CNN Article - Bring Back the Draft

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Colin Love.

Sean is sick. High fever. Grossness. You know, the fun stuff. I spent yesterday watching movies with him draped across me most of the afternoon. Glad we picked up Cars and Over the Hedge on DVD last week; at least we something I hadn't seen fifty times (three or four, tops.)

Anyway, since we're kind of in "laid back mode" here and we haven't had any new episodes of Scrubs to keep us warm and happy lately, I've had to resort to reliving some favorites through YouTube. Add Colin Hay and you've got near perfection. Colin Hay is my go-to guy for easing up. Calming down. He's so subtly genius and I could listen to him for hours (sometimes I do.)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday. Again.

I'll admit, I wasn't quite sure how to follow up that post from last week. I wanted you to understand I absolutely and completely adore my kids and my husband but worried that wouldn't come through. I am highly amused and thoroughly touched by the love of my self-proclaimed "snarky" or "attitudey" friends who emailed me regarding this post to encourage me instead of posting here for fear of insulting anyone else. Since when did we get so considerate? I love you.

Ok, so as I just admitted, I pretty much basically ignored the blog on purpose this week. I had stuff to do anyway. Things like ripping this nonsense off the kitchen wall:

I apologize if you intentionally have this on your walls. It's just not my style. Or Rusty's. Or apparently my neighbor's down the street who had to strip the same exact wallpaper border in her kitchen.

Next? We painted. "Hat Box Brown" (see Family Room photo) and "Swiss Red." Oh yes. I did just say our kitchen is brown and red. The two shorter walls with cabinets are red. And they're lovely, thankyouverymuch (and it's not the red you see in that photo. That's an old picture. Stop looking at it already.) I'll take a few pictures of the kitchen paint after we get the kitchen put back together. I'm on the hunt for some kind of funky salvaged wooden signs (think old grocers or market signs or something -- something long and only about a foot high and very old and beat up.) Like it would surprise anyone here to find out I hang random crap in my house? Whatever.

Speaking of random crap, we hung an old mirror above the couch in the living room. I bought it at an auction a few months ago and it's cool. From what I found online, this is probably 80-100 years old. The glass is in pretty sad shape in some places but we decided it made it look funkier (can you believe Rusty went with that? I love Rusty.) We could get a new mirror cut for the frame but aren't really inclined to do so as of right now. We stood in front of it talking and wondering about how many people have looked in that mirror that now hangs on our living room wall and decided to keep it as is*. Plus, we screwed it into the wall using achors so we're also just kind of lazy.

Well, that's all the entertainment I can come up with for now. Stay tuned. You never know when we'll randomly do something to the house.

*So if you visit, don't ask why I didn't bother to clean the mirror. It's clean. It's just old.

Happy Monday.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday confession.

I've written and re-written this post three times now. I can't figure out how to say it and get my point across without sounding either stupid or ungrateful. Please keep in mind that I am neither (definitely not ungrateful; hopefully not stupid.) So here's the deal. We really like the church we've been going to over the last three weeks. We feel very welcomed and we plan on making it our permanent place of worship. We like the fact that small groups are a priority. So we've been looking forward to finding one and getting to know some people. We were given the name of a couple that are starting a small group based on a parenting book and we went to the first get-together last night. And this is where my confession comes in... I was dreading it. I told Rusty I didn't want to go but I sucked it up and we had a nice time. But I'm still not sure I can do this.

Here's the deal. If you've been reading for any length of time or if you're a friend from back on the east coast? Then you know that the last few years have been mainly about our kids. Specifically, about Liam. We moved to Ohio, to a better school district and great therapy, for Liam. We left a newly renovated house (in which we did all the work ourselves) and we left friends that we love dearly and miss beyond belief (some of which Rusty has known most of his life.) Primarily for Liam. Because we love him more than just about anything. And? We would gladly do it again. God is blessing us beyond belieft. And we are so grateful. I am so very grateful. And at the same time? I'm needing a break from living and thinking and breathing based on the question "what's best for Liam" in such a way that all else comes second. What Rusty and I were trying to do on our own for Liam is now being handled by many different people - his school has it under control, his therapist is on top of things and this area and neighborhood are great for him. Liam is in a good place. It's time for me to start thinking in other directions. I feel like I've been in mom mode for way too long without a decent break. Even before Liam's issues got as noticable and we started the assessment process? I had Angela to deal with (my niece.) And those of you who know Angela or know of Angela know that situation affected me emotionally in a way I hope I never have to deal with again. I felt responsible for her well-being and I felt guilty that I couldn't make things right for her. I'm still struggling with it. That's another post all together.

Back to the parenting thing. I have been trying to figure out what it is about the idea of starting in a parenting group that is bugging me so much. All I could come up with is this: our small group in Maryland was made of up parents and non-parents. And we talked quite a bit about our kids. But for the most part we all knew each other way before we were parents - college and even earlier in some cases. We had relationships that were good and fun and loving before the kids came along. So when the kids did come along? They weren't the only things we had in common. Or I should say, they weren't the thing that brought us together? I'm not sure (which is why I keep deleting and re-writing this post.) Being brought together by your kids isn't a bad thing. I adored Liam's first grade teacher. We got to be good friends. But? She and I spent time doing "non-mom/teacher" things.

Am I making sense? Good heavens. I really enjoyed the people we were with last night. The book sounds like something that will be good for us. But I need something for myself. A women's small group or an artist's small group or someone one-on-one to hang out with on a regular basis and connect spiritually as a friend instead of as a "mom." I miss "me." I didn't realize just how much until I started running again a few weeks ago and had forgotten how much I missed it. I thought to myself, "I love running. I forgot how much I really like running. How do you forget something like that? What else have I forgotten about myself?"

Something's got to give.
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