Friday, September 30, 2005


Having a hard day. Was wondering if you would mind saying a prayer for me, asking God to remind me that everything really will be ok.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Carbon Leaf

::EDITED:: The video was annoying some computers so it's gone. But you can find it at if you want to see more. Click on their Media link once you get there.

This is for Jodi, and anyone else who thought "Who the heck is Carbon Leaf?" when they read yesterday's post.

Now Barry? He's got sneak attack hotness. Like, it doesn't hit you directly. But when I watch him sing it just... does something for me. Maybe I just like guys that sing. I mean, Harry Connick Jr. was on the list. And Jason Mraz wasn't but he's cute too.

I read this little blurb from Barry (the lead singer) and liked how real he seemed about writing music that translates into something for people:

"I walked to the store today. I fell in love when I saw her at the cheese counter".

I wrote this line around the time of our 2nd album, to illustrate how I don't like to write. These days, I'm finding that there's a lot of freedom in this line, and that describing things for what they are gains you alot of freedom. I like the line now. I think it's good. I use the word 'good' intentionally, because you're always told, "never use the word 'good', there are thousands of better words to more accurately describe something..."

Don't believe it.

'Good' is one of the best words I know. It's an accurate barometer, when it's meant. "How do you really feel?" "I feel good." It's one syllable, easy to understand, mellow and confident. It is the opposite of Bad. Good is the ember. It sits there and smolders for you. It does it's job quietly. If you're, lucky, you know what Good feels like. Sometimes Good in life is rare, but when it's there, you know it, and it feels good.

"I walked to the store today. I fell in love when I saw her at the cheese counter".

I like the line now. I think it's good. But the line never really happened to me, so I didn't put it in a song. If you're going to be so plain spoken, it has to be true. When it's true, there's nothing to hide. There is a lot of merit to that kind of writing, though it's still the challenge to say something in a way that hasn't been said over and over again, the same as before and before...

Unless, of course, it's simply good and true. And, in rock and roll music, people relate to the cheese counter.

So cheese is good, but only if it's real.

I liked that line of reasoning so I bought their CD from iTunes and have been happy with pretty much all of it. So you be the judge. Of course, you're watching this video online so I'm not sure if the hotness will really come through. And? That line "So cheese is good, but only if it's real"? Words to live by, my friend. Now you can't say you didn't read anything profound today.

Monday, September 26, 2005


That's about all the enthusiam I can muster today. I'm tired. Did a lot of driving this past weekend. Well worth it, but tiring nonetheless. Sean decided he loved me and missed me and had to share this revelation with me around 4:45 a.m. this morning. He passed out again. I was wide awake from then on. Good times.

I was debating just letting my blog rot until after Liam's assessment. I am tired of talking about it and thinking about it and trying to plan for it and worrying about it and freaking out and stressing about it. It's just this huge roadblock in our little family's way when we look to the immediate future and I'm tired of having to always be on top of something right now whether it's the school special ed person or the five different specialists we'll be chatting with in three weeks. I'm not one of those psychos that "thrives under pressure". I wither under pressure. Leave me alone already.

On that note, my good friend Betsy requested I answer these questions for her. And seeing as how Betsy is a pastor at our church I somehow feel that I must obey (like God told her to tell me? I'm weird.) So here, now, for your reading pleasure:

5 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Learn to scuba dive

2. Learn a foreign language

3. Take a vacation to a foreign country with someone originally from that foreign country as a traveling companion

4. Get back in shape and actually stay in shape

5. Finish the damned kitchen

5 things I can do:
1. Make a hardcover book from scratch
2. Type fast

3. Dance

4. Make Rusty smile

Pretend I'm normal

5 things I cannot do:
1. Pronounce the word "Czeckoslovakia"
2. Wear strappy sandals

3. Go to Target, Ikea or The Queen's Ink without spending money

4. Not eat cheesecake

5. Be normal

5 Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Smile
2. Legs
3. Sense of humor

4. Confidence

5. That little sumpin' sumpin' you just can't describe but you totally know it when it's there

5 things I say most often:
1. Dude...
2. Sean, where are your pants?

3. What the crap...?

4. Why does it stink in here?

5. I'm really sorry (sniff)

5 celebrity crushes:
1. Cary Grant
2. Don Cheedle

3. Harry Connick Jr.

4. Barry Privett (lead singer for Carbon Leaf)

5. Han Solo

5 people I want to do this next:
1. Anyone who reads my blog but has never before left me a comment (Mindy... if you're reading this? This would include you.)
2. Amy Hasse, because she's one of my oldest and dearest friends ever

3. Linda, because I bet she has fascinating answers and because I love her

4. Jodi, because she makes me laugh whenever I read her comments or email

5. Anyone on my "Five celebrity crushes" list

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Dear INXS,

You stink. JD is a poophead.

With no love whatsoever,


P.S. Jordis rocked, but you could have at least picked Marty.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Until I write a "real" post...

Because? It's funny. And? I'm kind of icked out to say... it's really cute too.

click here to see the tampon dolls : MyPaperCrane Shop

And if you think that's cute, check out the smiley rolls of toilet paper.

click here to see the toilet paper roll : MyPaperCrane Shop

And oh my goodness... the moldy bread!

click here to see the moldy bread : MyPaperCrane Shop

Sorry excuse for a post.

I have to say, this blog has been boring lately. Boring, boring, boring. Which I'm sure shocks everyone. Because really? My life is so astoundingly glamorous.

Stay tuned. Maybe if you're lucky? I'll scan the little cartoons I made from Ikea installation instructions yesterday while I was waiting for customer service to get back on the line (ooooh, think you can handle the anticipation?).

In other news, I haven't had a full night's sleep since last Monday. Sean keeps waking up, climbing into bed with us and kicking me repeatedly in the face in his sleep. Then? I wake up (because? I've been kicked in the face. Keep up here, people). As I was saying: a kick to the facial region, I wake up and then I'm all confused because I felt the kick but do not see the kicker. This happens two or three times until I actually sit up in bed wondering what the holy crap is going on and then I see him. Sean, totally upside down in our bed, head down at the footboard and burrowed into the comforter. You can't see him unless you're really looking hard. Or unless you happen to open your eyes a split second before his little foot makes contact with your cheekbone.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Red Cross Banner

Hey, I made the little American Red Cross banner that's over to the right with the links. If you click on it, it'll take you to their online donation page. Also? If you want a copy of that graphic for your blog or webpage, just let me know and I'll email it to you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The jig is up.

It happened yesterday. I've been officially crowned "The Artistic Mommy" by Liam's teacher. During the first week of school, when they send home a million and three forms to fill out? One of them was a volunteer sheet. I glanced at it longingly and put it aside. For you see... I have a three year old. Who is not yet in school. Therefore he is my constant companion. Also? He's totally unbalanced and likes to live his life pants-free. Three years old + unbalanced + pants-free = not a good person to bring along when you're trying to volunteer and actually get something done.

So. I didn't fill out the volunteer form. But then, they hit me with a sneak attack. A little form, only half a page, that asks parents to list their workplaces that may be of interest to the kids on Career Day or just in general. I didn't list my freelancing out of the computer room in our house because I figured no one really wanted to see the computer room in our house. I don't want to see the computer room in our house. But of course I had to put Rusty's job down. He works at NASA and gets super cool space stuff (super cool enough that when he brought home holographic postcards of the sun for Liam's pre-school class? I was totally bummed that there weren't enough for me to get one). Plus? Rusty's best friend works at NASA and his friend's son is in Liam's class as well. I figured knowing them they'd go all tag-team for Career Day. After filling in Rusty's info? I saw it. The line asking about hobbies. "Do you have any hobbies that you would be willing to share with the class?". Hobbies? Please.

Let me pause here and explain some thing. Prince George's County schools do not employ art teachers at each school. I did not know this until parent-teacher conferences with Liam's teacher in kindergarten last year. We were told they have a "traveling" art teacher who does different schools on different days. Which would be ok, in theory. But Liam's teacher went on to say that she hadn't seen the traveling art teacher in at least three years. Stop the insanity! My child - my artistic little drawing dude - didn't have art class. It was up to individual teachers to provide art time. Which is a bit much to ask these teachers who are already providing extra school supplies out of their own money and way more of their time than they actually get paid for. Plus? Some people just aren't into art so they don't see it as a real necessity (can you imagine?).

Anyway. With that in mind, I went ahead and listed my art degree and hobbies as book-binding/book-making, stamping, collage, scrapbooking and then ran out of space (sadly, I didn't get room to mention "blow-torching in the name of art"). I figured I'd get a note home during certain "crafty" times of the year - Halloween pumpkins, Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas... that kind of thing. But she has already called me on my offer to help. And it's totally not holiday related, so I'm guessing Liam's teacher is one who feels that the kids do need some art in their lives on a regular basis (Yay, Liam's teacher!). So now, the big question. Will lower-body paint for Sean be seen as bad parenting or just artistically eccentric?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Flight That Fought Back

So, yeah. I watched this documentary on the Discovery Channel last night. I wasn't going to. I mean, I really don't get into watching TV that I know will just make me a giant puddle of blubbering mess (which is why I no longer watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition... I mean come on). Anyway, this documentary...

I'm embarrassed to say that up until now, my knowledge of American Airlines flight #93 was pretty limited. I knew that someone named Todd Beamer had said "Let's roll" at some point. And I knew that the plane was headed towards D.C. That's about it. But there is so much more to the story than that, and it was completely fascinating.

I'm sure the documentary will be re-run over the next few weeks so I won't go into specifics here. But one thing I realized last night? That flight #93 crashed in Shanksville, PA. 15 minutes (fly time) from Washington D.C. We live 21 miles (on the ground) from the White House itself. And though we didn't yet live here in 2001? My mother-in-law did. My brother-in-law and his family did too. Our friends from college, and YoungLife, and church. All scattered around the D.C. area, from inside the city itself to Silver Spring, from Columbia to the Fort Meade area, from NASA to the Naval Academy.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, our friends and family were here and there going about their normal morning routines. And had that flight not crashed into a field in PA? If it had overshot its target? And crashed somewhere else? Some of those friends and family may not be here today. 21 miles drive time is only minutes by air. And that fact really hit home last night. As someone who had a lot to lose in this area? I am so very thankful that the 40 people on American Airlines flight #93 were brave enough to attempt to bring that plane down before it hit its target. And to the families and friends that lost loved ones on that flight (though it's doubtful any will actually find this to read it): I so appreciate what your loved ones did. Not only did the plane not hit the capital, it also didn't hit thousands of innocent everyday people that live and work in this area. And so many of those thousands of every day people are people that my family and I care about. I am so grateful.

*Note: The commenter is totally correct. I hadn't even noticed that though this was initially billed as a "documentary", it really is a "docudrama". Much of the actual dialog is recorded cell phone conversations that took place between the passengers and their families as well as voice data recordings. But the actual minute-by-minute details will never be known so the director chose to use dramatic interpretations of what is believed to have happened based on those recordings and cell phone conversations.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Quote O' the Week

I believe that if life gives you lemons? You should make lemonade. Then find someone who's life has given them vodka. And have a party.

(I'll be interested to hear from anyone who knows where I heard this. Because? I am embarrassed to admit having seen it.)

Thursday, September 08, 2005

A little bit of normal

Ok. I have to confess something. After these last few years and all the stupidity of so many of the "reality" shows? I finally started to watch one. Yes, I'm serious. No, I've never wached a reality show before this one. Yes, I am under the age of 80. No, I don't live in a cave.

Rusty has been DVR'ing the INXS show, the one where they are trying to find a new lead singer. Now, keep in mind, I said we're watching it recorded. Which means, essentially, we fast forward through all the stupid stuff (personally, I don't care what they do "back at the mansion") and just watch the performances. I was a big INXS fan in high school and was sad when it was announced that their lead singer, Michael Hutchence, had hung himself (1996 or 97?).

Anyway. The point of this. We've been watching the show (and I just realized I don't know the official name of it). Dave Navarro is one of the hosts along with INXS themselves. Navarro is in Jane's Addiction and was in the Red Hot Chili Peppers too, I think. Maybe I'm wrong?

Again with the getting off track...

So. There are some very good performers on the show. There are/were also a bunch of complete weiners. But I have been totally enthralled with one singer in particular - Jordis Unga. Yes. That is her name. She's from St. Paul (of course). Jordis? Can sing. I don't really get all worked up about singers. The last solo performer's entire CD I downloaded from iTunes was Jason Mraz. Otherwise, I'll download a single and that's about it. But now I'm all "I really want to find more of her stuff" with Jordis's music. She's unique and has a fabulous voice. And she uses that voice astonishingly well. But then, sadness...

Jordis was elimated from the competition last night and now it's down to four people left. But when she got up to leave, the band and Navarro couldn't say enough about her and her talent and her future (they eliminated her on the basis of "not being right for the band", which is probably true -- she's way too cool for INXS).

So I just downloaded some of her songs from MSN Music. If you're interested, I totally recommend clicking this link to hear her cover of The Man Who Sold the World first. Her version of Imagine , Give Me Some Lovin' and Knockin' On Heaven's Door are great, as is Heart Shaped Box. I'm really anxious to see if, or more likely when, she will be releasing a debut CD.

P.S. Regarding the show? I am totally hoping Mig or Marty wins. JD? Is an ass. And I don't really believe INXS wants a girl singer so I think Suzie's out next. But realistically? INXS won't be "INXS" without Michael Hutchence so I probably won't be buying their new music anyway.

P.P.S. I'm thinking of rollin some dreads myself...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How long?

I have to be honest and say that I've debated deleting that last entry about the pendants. There's nothing wrong with it, really. It just seems so petty and needless with all that's going on right now. I remember people talking about this after 9/11 - when were you supposed to feel allowed to laugh and make jokes again without sounding irreverant? I feel like that now. When do you go back to talking about "life as usual" again if you weren't directly affected by Hurricane Katrina? The little things I do day to day, little treats like the pendants I bought, the things we're doing to renovate our house. Even my declaration on Monday that we have to finish the house because it's driving me crazy just seemed so hollow, even though it's true.

I hope you realize I'm not saying I resent the fact that I have to think about the hurricane's aftermath. I mean, it's not like you can help it, really. And I'm praying for those people, some by name specifically. But it's starting to take an emotional toll on me. I'm cranky and even crying from time to time over the last few days. I'm disappointed and scared that it took so long to get relief to so many people. So when, and how, do you seperate yourself from it and say "Life goes on" without losing your empathy and sensitivity?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Support an artist

I rarely by "impractical" things for myself. But lately I've found myself missing the little bits of me that have been (and are still) packed away during the move and renovations on the house. Small things like candles, my vintage bottles and other little items that seem so insignificant but feed my need for beauty by just being around in plain view on a daily basis.

So last night? I bought four pendants: the one in the photo, one that is green with a clover detail attached with a jump ring (it hangs free of the green background), a pale blue and green two-piece pendant, and one that is fused glass with a vintage look. The photos are all close-up details. The pendants themselves range in size from an inch to an inch and a half long.

So. Four pendants. Stained-glass. Handmade. Total for the lot? Around $40 plus shipping. I had seen a stained glass pendant a few months ago and fell in love with it, but it was over $100 because it was "handmade, one-of-a-kind", etc. So this? Was way fun to run across. You must check this out:

LingGlass on Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade

The artist I purchased from is named Chu Ling and lives in Singapore (shipping for the lot was only $5.00 total, by the way). She has been wonderful and sent immediate email responses to all of my questions. She's also very nice.

Be sure to check out the other sellers as well. If you're getting tired of buying gifts that look like everyone else's gifts, you should give this a shot. There is some fabulous and wonderfully unique artwork of all kinds available. Regarding these pendants? I love that I can wear these on a cord or chain. But also? I can hang them around the house or in the window when I'm not wearing them and still enjoy their beauty. Maybe "impractical" wasn't such an accurate description after all.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Please help.

Aside from my brief looting observations? I am so terribly overwhelmed by what we've been seeing on TV this past week I just put off updating and posting about the hurricane and the aftermath. I wish I could think of something really funny to say to lighten the mood of this post, but come on. I'm so not that good. So check this link out and then follow their lead and DONATE!

Snarkywood --

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dude. I got tagged.

That's what I get for reading Jodi's blog. She mentioned me by name, dammit. I can't get out of it now...

1. Up until the minute I was born, my name was supposed to be April.

2. My best friend, Amy, and I are always mistaken for sisters. Even by at least one person who had known us for a few years and known our last names were different.

3. I've always wanted to have my nose pierced.

4. Maryland gave me my B.A. before I actually finished my requirements. I gave it back, trying to be honest. They thanked me and promptly sent me another one. I kept it and never took my language classes.

5. I had a major crush on Bill Rempe and Chris Frazier from elementary school until the day we graduated high school. I would have kept crushing on Frankie Martorana, but he left for a different school.

Do I have to tag someone now? Hmmm... I tag anyone and everyone that reads this today. You are hearby ordered to write five random things about yourself in the comments section. And? I "blog-tag" my good buddy, LINDA!
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