Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To blog or not to blog...

So the last post I made was in 2009. Holy. Poo. 2009! At the time it felt like I had nothing else to say and we were working through losing Sam the year before. The years since have been full of growing-up and understanding that this is the brokeness we've heard about. The losing of people, of trust, having to decide if some things are worth the fight and discomfort of rebuilding.

Our boys are obviously older: we went from having "kids" to having a teen and a pre-teen. One going into high school this coming fall and the other will be starting jr high. They've seen loss and watched how people deal with it. They've struggled in their own ways and thankfully God was there to catch them when we had no idea they were ever in danger of falling.

But there's been fun stuff too: We have another nephew! Went on many roadtrips, spent time with people we love, met new people to love, swam in the ocean, drank good beer (and brewed good beer!), and got a dog. Can't ask for more than that, really.

The last big thing is that we moved. More on that later.

So this pretty much sums things up. I think we need a redesign around here. It may not be an everyday thing but with everything going on in the house and with the boys, this is probably still the easiest way for everyone to catch up outside of Facebook.

So yeah. Thanks for reading!
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