Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's on.

Are you an artist? Are you a singer, songwriter, poet, gardner, knitter, joke-maker-upper, teacher, sidewalk-chalk drawer, painter, modge-podger, HGTV watcher or Bill Nye the Science Guy lover? Well if so? You're creative. Ah, ahhhh... don't look at me like that! Stop rolling your eyes and get your butt over to the Faith & Art blog.

I have to publicly apologize to God and say I'm sorry for letting this go.  So now it's on.  If you're even remotely interested, go check it out.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Perfectly executed cannonball, baby.

Summer break has officially begun.

Quote of the week

Everyone has a completely different idea of what constitutes "good music", and lots of them , frankly, could probably get sufficiently worked up to punch you in the head over it.

This is scary true (whether read in context with the rest of the post or taken out of context completely and put on a t-shirt.) Also? I love Betsy.
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