Sunday, March 04, 2007

Primey McPainterson.

Oh, yes. We've started again with the painting. The painting of the powder room. The front entry, the hallway going upstairs and the upstairs hallway. The boys' bathroom (and their bathroom vanities!) Liam's room. These rooms are on schedule to be transformed over the next few weeks. We bought paint for the boys' bathroom, the entry and hallways and the powder room today. I painted the boys' bathroom vanities Friday/yesterday (a nice flat black - very "Pottery Barn" looking.) They need a final light sanding then a few coats of polyerothane and the doors are ready to go back on and we're good. That'll happen tomorrow. In between coats of drying poly, I'll tackle the hallways and entryway and see how far I get.

Ok. Anyone who's lived through this blog with me so far knows that #1, I love fixing up our spaces and #2, I tend to jump in and get it all done instead of letting it lag. Can't stand having stuff half done and right now, there are quite a few things to do to finish making this place really feel like it's ours. Little by little this house is starting to look more like we live here and that's really nice. We're planning on staying in this house for a long time and that makes me very happy ::insert silly smile here::

I'll try to post some photos over the next few days so you can tell me how awesome I am (positive reinforcement helps me stay focused you know...)
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