Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At Tara in this fateful hour...

[With my friend] in this fateful hour
I place all Heaven with its power
And the sun with its brightness,
And the snow with its whiteness,
And the fire with all the strength it hath,
And the lightning with its rapid wrath,
And the winds with their swiftness along their path,
And the sea with its deepness,
And the rocks with their steepness,
And the earth with its starkness:
All these I place By God’s almighty help and grace
Between myself and the powers of darkness.
~ St. Patrick's Rune (variation) quoted in A Swiftly Tilting Planet

Offering up prayers for a friend. And St. Patrick and his rune help me remember God isn't sitting at a desk taking incoming faxes.  He is the Lord of all creation; not only the fire, winds and seas but also of the strength and fury they possess.  He is a strong God.  And He is forever on our side.  I know we will win regardless.  But hoping it will be in a way that's a little less painful for people I care about.


Heather said...

Nicely said ...

... on a very irreverant note: I thought you were blogging to Tara of Biggest Loser fame!

fran said...

Absolutely beautiful.

A LGD admirer.

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