Wednesday, November 12, 2008

House update photos

Well, there's the front door. Four coats of paint. A new kick-plate and the door knocker is back in place. It looks so much better than it did a few months ago. And the red door/black shutters/white trim color scheme matches not only our Lakota East school district but also our University of Maryland Terps flag. There is balance in the force.

In other news, we finally got the family room painted. The only major thing left to do in there is to put up the crown molding. I'm not worried, it'll happen after the holidays.  Probably during the long, cold January when I'm banging my head against the wall out of frustration at the horrid weather. But now you can see more of what Brent did.  He's a rehab genius (and the guy can sing.)  I can't believe he's willing to be friends with two schmoes like Rusty and myself.

And yes, that is a cozy fire in the fireplace.  A fire that I built, while Rusty is away with Liam on the fourth grade trip to Camp Kern until Friday.  It's been cold and rainy all day.  I had no choice.

And this is our new Ikea purchase.

We needed something behind the sofa so the boys wouldn't put their foot through the back of it as they slide around the kitchen floor. And we need storage for the random hats, gloves, scarfs and shoes that are strewn about the entire first floor of our house. This was the best solution. The lamp on the side is not staying there.  There is also an oval, black framed mirror waiting to be hung above the fireplace but I'm too tired so there you go. 

P.S.  Notice the empty shelves.  I need to unpack some boxes in our storage area downstairs (some things I haven't seen since we packed to move to Maryland in 2003.)


Heather said...

L O V E it!!! Looks so fun!!! (when ya comin' to OK to pimp my casa??)

Smuggler said...

wow! who is this guy??? he does great work! have the eye my friend! it looks great in there. love the the's like we planned the space just for them! love when that happens. you guys rock!

EmilyAdele said...

It looks great! So great, you conjured a comment from the very busy (and very humble)Pastor Brent! I look forward to much merriment within, yay, verily, much merriment shall abound.

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